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Leanne Ferguson

Hey! I'm the brains behind Simple REI, holding the titles of Founder and CEO. I've mastered the art of real estate to the tune of a multi-six-figure status.

Back in my early real estate days, I was drowning in information overload, desperately seeking a mentor and a roadmap. Unfortunately, that support system was nowhere to be found.

Navigating the real estate investing world, I discovered that a foolproof plan and reliable support were the keys to success. Instead of falling behind like many others, I gained the confidence to forge ahead.

Now, having triumphed in this arena, I'm on a mission to guide both newbies and seasoned Real Estate Investors.

What others are saying about us

"I would highly recommend Leanne and the Simple REI Company! You are in good hands learning from her"

"I've known Leanne for just over a year, and in that time I've seen her drive and enthusiasm help her to triple her income. She definitely knows and understands how to change her results. Her knowledge in the real estate investor sector has helped her create multiple sources of income. Leanne has a passion for Wholesaling Houses, Airbnb, and Assisted Living Facility. She is now using Simple REI Company to show other people the steps she took to create massive wealth and success. I had a chance to look at some of the content and I'm a little blown away! You are actually completing a real estate deal in 90 days as you go through the course. The formula she used to create the roadmap for this program shows not only how easy it is, but how simple it is. I would highly recommend Leanne and the Simple REI Company! You are in good hands learning from her and I cannot wait to see what she does next!"

- Melissa Posey

(Proctor Gallagher Institute)

"Simple REI Co. is life-changing! I made a $1k mistake because I jumped ahead of the course material and started doing a deal before stage 2. (I wish there were more than one lesson per week). My buyer who took over my P&S agreement is closing soon and I will make $14000. This is my first ever deal ever. Thank you Simple REI."

- Abigail R

"I'm a commercial real estate investor and I've done a few flips myself. But I never knew how much went into the wholesaling side of things. The course that Leanne provides makes the entire process seamless. I love the material!"

- Shanese M

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